Rajveer Singh Naruka

Rajveer Naruka: Trek Leader, Team

Born and brought up in the urban setting of Rajasthan, Rajveer’s initial instincts were that of a mountain lover. He was very young when he realised that the speed of city-life was not for him and so, he spent his time observing wildlife. Spending time amidst birds and creatures of nature, Rajveer found his calling. He started working as a freelance Naturalist at Keolodeo-Ghana National Park and went on to to work with Discovery Journey. Widely worked and travelled in India, Rajeev will be leading your treks into the Himalayas. He is a licensed guide from Ministry of Tourism and adds immense value to our team. The fact that he is trained in German from Max Muller Bhawan, allows him to lead German trekkers with complete ease and excellence.

We are happy to have Rajeev on our team. With his penchant for adventure, he is sure to make every single minute of your trek interesting. With him around, there is no climb that is impossible.