Pyarelal Thakur

Pyarelal Thakur: Mentor and Chief Strategist, Yati Explorers

We are extremely honoured to have Pyarelal Thakur as a mentor and chief strategist of Yati Explorers. Popularly known among the trekking circle as ‘Crux Climber’, Pyarelal Sir is the ultimate expert when it comes to trekking. With over 10 years of rigorous experience in trekking after having completed all his professional courses, he has climbed the most difficult peaks in India that are reserved only for professional climbers. These include Friendship Peak, Ladakhi Peak, Jagatsukh, Leo Purgayal, Shetidhar, and two unnamed peaks: Shiva Gauru, Chandrabhaga 13. In fact, he has completed about 15 difficult treks around the Himalayan region. Pyarelal Sir’s expertise in trekking made him an integral part of a Shetidhar rescue operation that was performed to save a group of British and French expeditioners. He was also a part of Patalsu expedition.

For us, he is a legend, and under his aegis, we are sure to give you the safest and most inspiring experience of your lifetime.