Prashant Singh

Prashant Singh: Founder, Yati Explorers

The founder of Yati Explorers, Prashant Singh is a young motivated man whose passion lies in the mountains. Born and brought up in the deserts of Rajasthan, he was always dreaming of the Himalayas and wanted to explore life in that region. Known for his dedication and excellence in every field he goes to, Prashant now has more than 6 years of experience leading trekking expeditions in the very mountains that once felt like a far-fetched dream. He is a certified trekker, having completed numerous professional courses in mountaineering. Prashant has led treks to high-difficulty regions like Stok Kangri (winter), Kanamo Peak, Pin Parvati, Mt. Chilling II, Deo Tibba, Friendship Peak, and Sar Pass, to name a few. Prashant has a strong hold over most of  the regions within the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, making him the ideal trekker to go on a trek with.

The one aspect that sets Prashant apart from other leaders is his emphasis on being environment friendly. The need to protect and preserve as they are explored, is an ideology that drives his very vision, strategy and planning. He says, “ We need to give our utmost respect to the mountains; if we continue simply ‘taking’ from them, there will be a day when they don’t stand as tall as they do now.” Mountains are precious, and as trekkers, we need to make our treks sustainable. Prashant has founded Yati Explorers with utmost care, he is a perfectionist and this characteristic forms the basis of the organisation.