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Sham Trek:

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Highest altitude: 12,715 ft.

Maximum temperature:

Minimum temperature:

Best time to undertake: April – June and October – December Pass.

Known as the baby trek of Ladhakh, Sham trek is tiny trek located in Sham Valley in the lower regions of Ladakh. At this trek, you don’t just get to witness the landscape of Ladakh but also gain an insight into the culture of Ladakhis. The trail goes through villages and monasteries, giving you gorgeous views of architecture dating back to 11th century.


Route: Leh – Likir- Yangthang – Phobe La – Chagatse La



Day 1: Leh (11,400 ft.)

Arrive at Leh today. The flight journey to Leh is absolutely beautiful as it gives a bird’s eye view of snow-clad peaks. Today we spend the day at Leh, just relaxing so that our bodies can get acclimatized to sudden change in altitude.


Day 2: Leh – Likir

After breakfast, we will head to Likir that is located 58km away. The starting point of the trek is Likir Village. Today, we’ll be crossing two passes, Phobe La and Chagatse La. From Likir, we head to Phobe La and after a steep climb, to Chagatse La. We cross Chagatse La, beyond which lies Yangthang, our campsite for the night. After reaching Yangthang, you can go to Ridzong Monastery


Day 3: Yanthang – Tsermangchan La – Hemis Shukpachan (12,715 ft, 1km)


Today the trekking trail lies through a gentle gradient with soft ascents and descents. The trail first goes down and after crossing a stream, goes up to Tsermangchan La. From the pass, we head down to Hemis Shukpachan which is renowned as Ladakh’s most beautiful villages. You will spot various stream, barley fields and even rocky mountains. We spend the night at Hemis Shukpachan.


Day 4: Hemis Shukpachan – Mebtak La – Temisgam (12,467 ft., 12km)


This is a chilled out trekking trail that goes upwards between two mountains, uptti Mebtak La. From the pass, we head down to Ang Village and reach the main highway at Temisgam. We drive back to Leh from here.



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