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Kanamo Peak

Co-ordinates : 32.3689° N, 78.0932° E

Maximum Temperature: 20°c

Minimum Temperature: 5°c

Best time to undertake: May – June

Difficulty Level: Difficult


Maximum Altitude: 19,500 ft.


Located near in Kibber in Kaza, the headquarters of the pristine Spiti Valley, Kanamo Peak is a challenging peak.


Route: Manali/Reckong Peo – Kaza – Kibber – Kanamo Base Camp – Kanamo Summit Camp – Kanamo Peak – Base Camp – Kaza – Manali/Reckong Peo

Day 1: Arrive in Manali / Reckong Peo (6,700 ft.)

There are two routes to reach Kaza, one is via Shimla and the other is via Manali. The Shimla route remains open all around the year, whereas, the Manali route remains open only between June – mid October. According to the time you’re visiting, head to either Manali/Reckong Peo. Spend the day relaxing here and doing some sight-seeing. Overnight stay at Manali/Reckong Peo.


Day 2: Manali/ Reckong Peo – Kaza (12,0000ft.)

No matter what route you take, the journey to Kaza is a long and treacherous one. It usually takes about 8-10 hours to complete, however, the unimaginably beautiful landscape will keep you refreshed throughout. The road after Rohtang is particularly terrible, so prepare yourself before you sit in the traveller. We will reach Kaza by afternoon where you can visit cafes, try Spitian food and Seabuckthorn juice which is good for AMS. Stay will be in a hotel.


Day 3: Kaza – Kibber (14,050 ft.)

After breakfast, we head to Kibber, located 19km away from Kaza. We will visit the famous Kee Monastery on the way. After this, we will walk around Kibber and Kee in order to acclimatise yourself. We are on considerable height and it is most essential to get used to the surroundings. We stay in Kibber for the night.


Day 4: Acclimatisation Day

Today too, will be dedicated to acclimitazation. One of the main challenges while trekking over Kanamo peak is high altitude. If you get struck with AMS, completing the trek will be a far fetched dream. Therefore, the more time you spend acclimatizing, the better it is for you. We will spend about 2 hours walking around today and then go back to our guest house.


Day 5: Kibber – Kanamo Base (15,700 ft., 7.5km)

Finally, the much awaited trek begins today. The trekking trail is very rocky with views of deserted mountains and valley all around. We will begin on a gradual ascent and slowly, the trail becomes flatter as we reach higher up. We will also see two lakes on the way, shortly after which we will reach the base. We will be trekking for about 6-7 hours today. Once at the base by afternoon, we will spend time walking around in order to acclimatize. We will ensure that you do not sleep so as to not get AMS. Overnight camping at the base.


Day 6: Kanamo Base Camp – Kanamo Summit Camp

Today is a critical day since we touch even higher altitudes, it will be a test that will analyse how ready you are to climb the peak. The summit camp is the base of second shoulder from base camp towards the summit of Kanamo Peak. Crossing this shoulder will take about four hours, after which we will walk on a flat terrain. We will reach the summit camp by late evening; we will try to reach as far as possible today so that summiting the next day becomes easier. After a light dinner, we will retreat to our tents.


Day 7: Kanamo Summit Camp – Kanamo Peak (19,500 ft.)  – Base Camp

Today is summit day! The height of the peak is tremendous so today we have to tread very carefully. We begin the trek at 4am and head towards the peak. After climbing two steep inclines that will take about 5 hours, the landscape will suddenly open up. From here, Shila Peak, Kanamo’s sister peak will be visible and you’ll be on the ridge to the peak. After about 3-4 hours of more climb, you will finally be at the top. The view here is breathtaking, you will be able to see all of Kinnaur Valley, Pin-Parvati Pass, and Parang La. We descend to the base camp shortly after.


Day 8: Kanamo Base Camp – Kibber (7.5km)

We trace our steps all the way back to Kibber, from where we head to Kaza. The trek comes to an end.


Day 9: Kaza – Manali/Recking Peo (200km)

We drive back to whichever route is open for the season.



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