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Chadar Trek

Co-ordinates : 28.5677° N, 77.1882° E

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Maximum Altitude:  11,150ft.

Maximum Temperature: -5°c

Minimum temperature: -35°c

Best time to undertake: January – February

Chadar trek is the most fascinating trek that you can undertake in India. A high-altitude trek that takes you over the frozen river of Zanskar, this trek is one of the most challenging ones a trekker can undertake. You are advise to undertake Chadar Trek only if you are an experienced trekker and can tolerate sub-zero temperatures. The trek couples numerous difficulties together — freezin cold temperatures, high-altitude and the difficulty of walking over a thick glass-like sheet of snow. Here, you will also see Nerak waterfall that freezes completely mid-way its plunge from the top to bottom. The rules to undertake the trek are extremely strict, government policies regarding the same change often. If you’re booking teh trek with us, we will provide you will latest regulations.

Route: Leh – Shingra – Shingra Koma – Tibb – Nerak – Tibb – Bakula -Shingra Yokma – Leh


Day 1: Arrival at Leh (11,480 ft.)

Leh is well-connected to most cities by flight; the view from the airplane is majestic as you get to see snow peaks from so high above. After reaching Leh, you must take the entire day to rest and completely acclimatise yourself to the sudden change in altitude. Towards the evening, you can head for sight seeing to Namgyal Monastery and the historic Leh Palace.


Day 2: Leh

Since we are at such high altitude, we will take another day to acclimatise ourselves to high-altitude and low temperature. Before we head further up next day, you may have to get a checkup done at SNM Hospital.


Day 3: Leh- Shingra – Shingra Koma (10,550 ft.)

Today we begin the first leg of the trek by driving to Shingra, our first campsite. The drive goes along River Indus and spans over 70km. Soon, the breathtaking landscape will turn even more magical as the frozen Zanskar river comes to sight. Once at Shingra after about 3 hours, we begin to trek towards Shingra Koma. After getting trained from our expert trek leaders about the dos and donts on Chadar Trek, you take your first step onto the frozen Zanskar river. There are no ascents or descents during the trek, we will simply be walking on flat surface. Thus, once you get the hang of walking on ice, you’re good to go! We will now begin to trek for 2-3 hours until we reach Shingra Koma.


Day 4: Shinga Koma – Tibb (10,760 ft. , 14km)

The morning will begin with a hot cup of tea and a warm breakfast before you head out. This is a challenging day as we will walk for about 6-7 hours over the frozen river. Since we will be surrounded by high mountains on both the sides, today we will get less sunshine than the day before. Enjoy walking on the frozen Zanskar river that will be deep blue in colour, no amount of photos can prepare for this fantastic sight. By afternoon, we will reach Tibb and camp there for the night.


Day 5: Tibb – Nerak (11,150 ft., 12km)

This is going to be a memorable day as you’ll witness the frozen Nerak waterfalls. Reach Neerak campsite by afternoon, have your meal and head out to explore the falls and Nerak Village. Camp overnight at Nerak.


Day 6: Nerak – Tibb (10,760 ft., 10km)

Today we retrace our steps to Tibb however, the route even though the same, will not look identical. The frozen Zanskar River instantly reacts to even the slightest change in temperature and ends up looking very different every day. Reach Tibb and stay overnight.


Day 7: Tibb – Bakula (10,550 ft., 12.5km)

Another difficult day, today you will trek for 8 hours to Bakula, a campsite located very close to Shingra. The campsite is located at a height, so expect a much colder night due to strong winds. Rest at the campsite throughout the evening


Day 8: Bakula – Shingra koma ( 10,550, 1.5km)

To make up for the difficult trek the day before, this day is extremely relaxed and short. Enjoy your walk over the Chadar, spend time at Shingra Yokma and then leave for Leh soon after.



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