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Kareri Lake

Co-ordinates: : 32.3257° N, 76.2734° E

Difficulty level: Moderate

Highest Altitude: 11,972ft.

Duration: 2 days

Maximum temperature: 20°c

Minimum Temperature: 8°c

Best time to undertake: April – June and October – December

This is a shallow fresh-water lake located at the foot of Dhauladhar ranges in Kangra District. This moderately difficult trek is not for everyone, so choose wisely. However, the route takes you through sleepy villages and ultimately throws you into an open area where the pristine lake lies.


Day 1:

Leave from Dharamshala and head to Ghera Village by road. From Ghera Village, the trek begins to Kareri Lake, which is approximately 17km away. This patch takes about 8 hours to complete, but it is strenuous. The landscape of this area is wonderful, you’ll see clear skies and rich green fields sprawling all across. Meet the villagers, watch the cattle saunter about and enjoy the beauty of Kangra like never before. We camp at Kareri lake this night.


Day 2:

Today we will retrace our steps in the route that we came through day before. The descent is not steep but can get arduous. It makes about 6 hours to come down. After reaching Ghera, head back to Dharamshala. Trek ends today.



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