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Sar Pass

Co-ordinates :  32.07°N 77.388455°E

Maximum temperature: 15°c

Minimum temperature: 8°c

Best time to undertake: May – October

Difficulty Level: Easy


Maximum Altitude: 13,799 ft.


Duration: 6 Days


Tucked into the silent Parvati Valley, Sar Pass is a a gorgeous pass that is famous among backpackers. Offering a variety of landscapes every single day, the trail to Sar Pass will take you through meadows, villages, forests and also provide views of snow-capped mountains. This trek is ideal for first timers too!


Route: Kasol – Grahan Village – Min Thach – Nagaru – Sar Pass – Biskeri Thach – Bursheni



Day 1: Kasol – Grahan Village (7,709 ft., 10km)

Today is the first day of the trek where the route will take you upward from beside the Graham Nallah. You will find numerous villagers on this route too since it is well marked and used very often. The trail then becomes rife with trees and shrubs and will lead us into an open field. A while later, you will spot the tiny village of Grahan perched on the top of a hill. We will stay here overnight at a guesthouse.


Day 2: Grahan – Min Thach (11,154ft., 7km)

Today we will head north from Grahan village from where you will be able to see Min Thach, Nagaru and Sar Top. The trail becomes steeper from here and enters a dense forests. The entire trail is absolutely covered in thick canopies, until after a few hours you suddenly as if like the end of a tunnel, you will see a grassy patch that is Min Thach. We camp close to Min Thach from where you can see Chanderkhani range. Overnight stay here.


Day 3: Min Thach – Nagaru (12,467 ft., 8km)

We start early for Nagaru as the weather gets unpredictable here; in fact you might even find snow on the route. After walking upward, we will encounter another ridge line which is a rocky path. This path is a little steeper and turns left towards Nagaru that is located on a cliff. You will notice that the tree line ends here, but down below, Nagaru is enveloped in a green forest. The climb down to nagar is extremely steep and this is probably the trickiest part of the entire trek. After a few hours, we reach Nagaru and camp here from the night. Enjoy a view of the sprawling Beas Valley and the Chanderkhani ranges emerge once again.


Day 4: Nagaru – Sar Pass – Biskeri Thach (13,779ft., 14km)

Today is going to be a long and tough day as we go on a long trail and even cross Sar Pass. Hustle yourself for the tough day and leave early morning towards Sar Pass. The route up to Sar Pass goes through a ridge and goes steeply up. This is a slippery route as it is covered by snow, so keep your wits about. After about 3 hours of climbing up, you will finally reach Sar Pass. Sar Pass is a pond that remains frozen even during late summers. After this, we head to Biskeri Thach, another meadow from where Tosh Valley is visible. Overnight camping at Biskeri Thach.


Day 5: Biskeri Thach – Bursheni (7,874 ft., 10km)

The trail today will go steeply in the downward direction. After a leisurely walk, with the campsite of Bursheni in sight, there is a stream that you need to cross. The route to the stream is no ordinary one. You will have to rapple down about twenty feet. After reaching the stream, you will need to cross wooden planks, walk across grasslands to reach Tulga village, from where you cross over to Parvati. A little walk away is Bursheni, the last point of the trek.



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