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We understand that every time you decide to pursue a trek, you’re setting aside a life of ease and comfort. You’re willing to experience challenging situations including the tribulations of a high-altitude environment, and of course, body pain! We, at Yati Explorers understand your passion and seek to provide you an experience of a lifetime. With our expert guides and carefully curated itineraries, let us take you on a trek you’ll never forget.

Why Us:

We are a team of enthusiastic young people who have fallen in love with the mountains. We have led expeditions and treks to various peaks and ranges, including the ones mentioned here, and are passionate about sharing their charisma with the world. With our certified team of trek leaders and best quality equipment, we will ensure a trek experience for you that is fun as well as 100% safe...

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Nag Tibba

Hampta Pass Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Gaumukh Trek

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  • Team Yati is a bunch of young, enthusiastic leaders who will ensure your safety and a great time while you explore a different terrain. A close-knit family, every team member works to pull you up anytime you feel like giving up and work towards creating a friendly environment that is comfortable for all kinds of travellers. Our team will not just lead you, but also mentor you throughout your journey. .

    Our Team
  • The one aspect that sets Prashant apart from other leaders is his emphasis on being environment friendly. The need to protect and preserve as they are explored, is an ideology that drives his very vision, strategy and planning. He says, “ We need to give our utmost respect to the mountains; if we continue simply ‘taking’ from them, there will be a day when they don’t stand as tall as they do now.” Mountains are precious, and as trekkers, we need to make our treks sustainable. Prashant has founded Yati Explorers with utmost care, he is a perfectionist and this characteristic forms the basis of the organisation.

    Prashant Singh - Founder

Our Team

Pyarelal Thakur

Mentor & Chief Strantegist

Rajveer Singh Naruka

Trek Leader & Tour Guide

Arun Singh Shekhawat

Trek Leader & Tour Guide

Darshan Nagda

Trek Leader

Ravi Sharma

Trek Leader & Tour Guide

Ayush Chauhan

Trek Leader & Tour Guide

Saumia Bhatnagar

Adviser & Travel Blogger

Yoga Teachers

Tripti Rathore

A meditation and therapeutic yoga expert, Tripti is a senior trainer who will introduce you to different Yoga practices. With utmost care and precision, she will take you through a beautiful yoga session that will be embedded in your soul forever.

Deep Chouhan

An internationally certified Master Trainer, Deep Chouhan's expertise is well-known all over the country. In fact, his clients include some of the biggest names including the royal family of Jodhpur. An experience of practicing yoga under such a maestro amidst the magical environs of the Himalayas will help instill peace and positivity within you.

Neeti Manihar

Another expert in the field of Yoga, Neeti Manihar is a certified Yoga teacher who has pursued a course in Your Science and Wellness from Morarji Institute of Yoga Science , and has finished masters in Yoga from Jain Vishva Bharti University. She has been in the field of Yoga for several years now and is trained to hold classes and teach Yoga. She is sure to add value to your life by introducing you the powerful technique.

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